Do not forget not to tell the “what”

Frida (daughter) and I did some Wii gaming last night. I felt we had done some great progress so we should save the game. Therefore I said:

“I think it’s time to save.”

And she did. Then the screen went black.

“Nooo! What happened?”, I said angstly.

Frida had interpreted me as if it was time to take a break; to save and then turn the game off.

Aha! Since I was too lazy to tell the “why”, but instead only told the “what”, she was led to misinterpret my intentions. Which she did, and consequently acted there on. Lack of communication led to wrong implementation!

An alternative way of saying same thing, but instead sticking to a “why” for the situation:

“If the game crashes now we would need to do all the stuff we just did again.”

I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea to shut the game off, since we had been doing this gaming for quite some time. But what if turning the game off had been a silly idea? We might have ended up with a somewhat bad team spirit :´-(

Communication is king!


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